Yarl Kadaknath Farm

Usan, Mirusuvil

Kataknath Ebony, Poultry Farmer.


  • Called by names such as Black Chicken or Black Chicken, Kataknath Chicken. It is a chicken native to northern India.
  • Although these chickens are found in many places in South India, they are mostly reared in India.
  • Ebony farming is one of the most lucrative industries.
    The reason is that this chicken is available in very small quantities.
    Black hens are three times more nutritious than domestic fowls. This is because its blood is high in the pigment melanin.
    Things to know about #blackbreeding
  1. It is not enough if the chickens are black
    The body part is darker when the hens look away from the hair.
  2. The head flower is dark without dark red.
  3. The eye area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis chicken is dark black.
  4. The upper part of the mouth of this chicken is very dark including the tongue.
  5. The yolk of the egg will be oily and dark yellow even if the egg of the unblemished ebony is broken.
  • These grow in the forests of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Chicken is also known as Immune (Kataknath).
  • Because the meat of these chickens is black, it is also called (black meat chicken) kalamasi.
  • The meat of this chicken is tasty and fragrant and has medicinal properties. Chicken meat is used as a medicine for many chronic diseases.
  • In folk medicine, people with neurasthenia (ebony) are recommended to eat meat.
  • Chicken meat contains 25 percent protein. (Cholesterol) is only 0.73 -1.05 percent. Those who are prone to this meat (blood boils. Heart disease) can eat well. Meat is high in amino acids and hormones that humans need.
  • People in northern states like Madhya Pradesh raise these chickens for meat,
  • It is believed to increase masculinity in men and also increase the dosage of sperm like the Viagra pill.
  • The Institute of Food Research has certified that ebony meat is highly beneficial for heart patients. These blackbirds are also used in Chinese medicine and food.
  • In paranormal medicine (Kushram. Conjunctivitis. Dandruff. Arthritis) such diseases are cured by ebony curry. In the past, ebony curry cooked with some herbs was used to increase the dosage for men.
  • Note
  • Perungayam. Pepper. Ginger. Coriander. ) To get rid of ebony (hiccups by gonorrhea. Gout. Gas.) Caused by the combination of many medicinal herbs.

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