Nelliady Chess Club


Developed by the students of Nelliyadi Central Chess Team, Nelliyadi Chess Club is proud to have conducted the district level chess tournament today (25.08.2019)
We are happy. Thanks on behalf of our association to everyone who helped us. We would like to inform you that our association plans to conduct the competition in the best possible way in the coming seasons. Note = (Not only Nelliyadi Central College students but also other school students can join our institute. Not only men but also women can join our institute.) Avoid
The women of the club were unable to socialize to run the competition due to the impossibility. With this in mind
Do not misunderstand this as a men-only association. This is a bisexual association. Men and women can join as members of our association. On behalf of our Society, we would also like to thank the pastors of our Society, Sukarnan, Nishanthan and Prathapan.

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